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  • WHY IS IT CALLED 1.61?
    THE NUMBER 1.61 is known by many names: the Golden Section, the Golden Ratio, Phi, or the Divine Proportion. The Golden Section is synonymous with beauty, harmony, and perfection as well as evidence of the flawless relationship between the whole and its parts, between God and man. The Golden Section is often used in reference to the Arts: painting and architecture, literature and music, recognized as a canon of beauty and the representation of an aesthetically pleasing rapport between the proportions, perfectly suited for works of art. This is why we chose it as the base for the shape of our Singular pasta, because the human perception shows a particular preference and appreciation for harmonious proportions developed in agreement with the rules of the Golden Section. Thus, cooking is also an art form.
    We only produce one type of pasta, called FORMATO UNICO Rigato. To create this shape, we wanted a pasta that would be versatile, and enjoyed by aficionados, as well as pasta addicts around the world, who are fond of this Italian national treasure. Our rigato, or corrugated pasta shape comes closest to that most traditional mezzo pacchero, and was created using the Golden Proportion, UNO.61 The extrusion in gold allows the striations to be more uniform and gives the pasta its truly unique pleasantness.
    The idea was Federico Menetto’s, a food and wine enthusiast, obsessed with the very real fear that he would no longer being able to eat pasta. He entrusted the search for the perfect pasta to Master Pasta Maker, Raimondo Mendolia and after three years of trial and error, UNO.61 was born. Raimondo Mendolia is an international authority on both fresh and dried pasta, who consults around the world on the technical aspects, processing, and preparation of this much-loved product. The packaging instead, was curated by Angelo Inglese who marveled at the good quality and uniqueness of UNO.61. It was Inglese who proposed a distinguished and individual fabric parcel to envelop and embellish each half-kilo of precious pasta. Angelo Inglese’s studio dresses eminent world figures in garments made entirely by hand and known throughout the world for its men’s shirts and suits. Most notably, it handcrafted the shirt worn by Prince William – heir to the British throne – at the Royal Wedding. It is no coincidence that Inglese is among the most famous in the world. He produces his “million- dollar” apparel in Ginosa (Ta), in exactly the same place where his grandmother began the family business, in 1955.
    No, unfortunately it is not possible to choose your own fabric, as our goal is to fully embrace the global need for RECYCLING and SUSTAINABILITY. For this reason, the fabric choice depends on the remnants available. The fabric is then selected by Angelo Inglese – tailor extraordinaire of Ginosa – from among those that are used in his studio for creating garments for his collection of dress shirts, jackets, overcoats, etc. Following a long history of traditional Italian tailoring, our fabric bags are sewn completely by hand and closed with buttons of pure corozo, thus marrying its undeniable beauty to the inherent goodness of our product. For all of the above reasons, each package is a unique piece.
    In 2020, Forbes Italia included us on the list of abbimao the 100 Best Italian Products list. You can read the original article in Italian, HERE. Many gourmet food critics have called UNO.61 among the best in the world not only for the originality in packaging design, its eco- sustainability, its extrusion in GOLD, and the characteristics of the pasta, but for the rigor with which the semolina mixture was chosen. UNO.61 is made according to rigorous standards of production and an absolute obsessiveness for the proper raw materials. Because of this, every lot is slightly different and unique. Since each lot does eventually run out, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific packaging or batches. Actual fabrics may differ from those seen on the website. Summary of strongest qualities: > 100% Italian Durum Wheat > No GMOs > High Nutritional Value > Slow Drying Temperature of about 38° C. Extrusion in Gold > Highly digestible (ID 40) > Made and Packaged in Italy. Net weight: 500 grams N.B. Each package is unique and the assortment of fabric that envelops it, is selected at random. For more information on how to store it and nutritional values, see the product statement on each package.
    UNO.61 is made according to rigorous standards of production and an absolute obsessiveness for the proper raw materials. Because of this, every lot is slightly different and unique. Since each lot does eventually run out, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific packaging or batches. Actual fabrics may differ from those seen on the website. FLOUR MILLING UNO.61 is made with only 100% of the best available Italian Durum Wheat selected by famed pasta maker, Raimondo Mendolia. WHOLESOMENESS UNO.61, boasts excellent nutritional values. For every 100 gr, there are 360kcal, about 70% of which are complex carbohydrates; 13- 14,5% protein; a negligible fat content; and a low glycemic index of only 40. GOLD EXTRUDED UNO.61 is extruded with a distinctive and original gold-plated die that increases the porousness and confers unforgettable tooth to the bite, keeping the product at its best and ensuring that it does not break. HIGH PERFORMANCE UNO.61 is an outstanding source of complex carbohydrates that provide slow-release energy, as well as a valuable source of glucose, the essential fuel for brain and muscles functions. DRYING METHOD UNO.61 is dried through a slow process, fundamental for preserving the highest quantity and quality of the proteins and amino acids. Our pasta is dehydrated cyclically at between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, with occasional pauses to reintegrate a bit of humidity into the product. HIGH DIGESTABILITY UNO.61 IS highly digestible, and the slow release of its energy makes it the ultimate choice for those who want to eat healthily and well, while getting the most out of life!
    No. It just so happens pasta is often chosen for its low glycemic index and its high digestibility. Considered by the most authoritative nutritionists to be the foundation of a healthy diet. 100 grams of UNO.61 has 360kcal, about 70% of which are complex carbohydrates; 13-14,5% protein; and a negligible fat content. Pasta is therefore an important source of energy for the functions of the entire body. Together with other ingredients such as fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, and olio, it is used to prepare numerous dishes with excellent energetic and nutritional values. Eaten with legumes, it becomes a dish of the highest nutritional value that is also easily digestible. Pasta is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, that provides slowly released energy, as well as a precious supply of glucose: the fundamental fuel for brain and muscles functions. Differing greatly from the simple sugars that are inefficiently used and quickly burned, the energy provided by UNO.61 pasta is released gradually and lasts much longer, guaranteeing a longer-lasting sense of fullness without leaving you feeling heavy or bloated. Livello di glycemia nel sangue = Blood sugar Alto IG = High glycemic index Basso IG = Low glycemic index Tempo (ore) = Time (hours) Glycemic spike after eating? It is definitely not due to pasta. If it is true that like all the other carbohydrate- rich foods, pasta influences blood sugar, it is also true that this effect is less significant than that of rice, bread, potatoes, or polenta. The durable and compact structure of UNO.61 pasta favors a slow release of sugar during digestion, without a sudden elevation of blood sugar. This is due to the choice of 100% Italian Durum wheat and the extrusion in gold, as well as the slow drying process, all of which help to best maintain the quantity and quality of protein and amino acids in the finished product. These factors also help to stop the formation of substances not present in the raw materials while also preserving the aroma of the semolina, as well as the other sensorial characteristics of the grain.
    14 minutes for best taste. Anyone who loves pasta, knows best how they prefer to prepare and enjoy it, but please allow us to offer some advice: AMOUNT OF WATER Use water for every 90 grams of pasta. SALT Salt should be added to the pot when the water boils or shortly before. The amount should never surpass 1/8 – 1/6 tsp per liter of water. THE POT The perfect pasta pot does not exist. Choose the biggest that you have. Do not add oil to the water. In order to make the water boil, you only need to cover the pot. Oil should be added after the pasta is cooked and strained. Though the recommended cook time is 14 minutes, you may also test it every 30 seconds to find the texture that you prefer. You can also strain it a moment or two earlier, if you like pasta that is toothier. However, the best tool for an accurate cook time, is the kitchen timer, or even your cellphone! FINISHING TOUCH Before draining the pasta, it is a good idea to set aside one cup of pasta water to stir back into it, before serving or while adding sauce and finishing with other garnishes. A LAST WORD! Eat in moderation, as UNO.61 can be addicting!
    UNO.61 has been written up by many journalists and gourmets on social media, as well as in magazines and newspapers. One of the earliest was a first-hand review by renowned Italian Chef, Angela Freda, for the monthly COOK magazine of the Corriere della sera. Pambianco WINE&FOOD defined UNO.61 as the Hermès of pasta. The prestigious FORBES magazine (Italia) included UNO.61 among the top 100 Products of Excellence list for 2020 and advised its readers to purchase our pasta for those who wished to give an exceptional and one-of-a- kind Christmas gift. Many well-known faces of entertainment and sports have also written about UNO.61 on their social media profiles and discussed their own extraordinary gastronomic experience with the pasta, as well as its indisputable originality.


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